Sunday, 8 April 2012

Psycho ex

My ex boyfriend is a psychopath. If you don’t believe me feel free to ask my current one.

Let me give you a backstory.

We dated, for about 6 months and out of the blue ended it with me. Being stupid I got back together with him and a month later he did the same thing, ended it, over msn.

I was devestated at the time.

Anyway cutting a long story short he went straight into a relationship with an American woman.

I was on my own chattig to my current partner, who at the time was just a friend. It became apparent my ex hacked my facebook when me and R sat on msn chatting and we both saw a message pop up on facebook, from me to R…. But I hadn’t sent it.

I checked all my other accounts and sure enough he had hacked them too; he’d sent messages to people pretending to be me so I changed all my passwords.

Over the next few months he would try to hack again, sometimes he managed to get into my accounts. When he couldn’t he would create fake profiles with no information on and message R pretending to know his secrets and would tell.

Anyway about 6 months ago I received a message from a girl who lived quite close to me. So we chatted. She started messaging R too and after a few days I got suspicious. The interests of this girl were similar or the same as the ex, some of the wordings she used was the same but what made it concrete for me was a line she said. I don’t recall it now but at the time I knew it was the exact same thing ex had said to me.

R believed me so we started trolling, putting messages on her wall with ex’s name until we both got blocked.

Fast forward 6 months to this week and I got a message again from this girl (or should I say ex). I let R know and then suddenly he received a message.

We chatted but knowing it was my ex we didn’t quit tell the truth, well not all of the time anyway. ‘She’ wanted to know details of our love life, sex life etc so we made stuff up, told the ex what I knew he wanted to hear (or read). She was saying one thing to me and another to R she was trying to split us up, telling R how she was a million times better than me and since he was chatting to her must be bored of me and want someone new, and better.

After a few days we called her out; suggested we meet, or cam or voice chat. Excuse after excuse, and then contradictions. For instance R was told the webcam didn’t work, yet a few hours later I was told she’d had a webcam session with someone earlier that day.

I looked at my ex’s profile to see if he had put anything on there about this psychotic behaviour, nothing. So I checked his wifes (the american, yes he married her). Again nothing.

We said we wanted proof JosieRedhead was real, and she kept giving excuses but eventually gave her email address and facebook profile. So as a good sceptic me and R checked the profile out, which had just been created. I’m sorry but if you are going to make a fake person do it properly, create the whole life for this character before making them live online.

We called her on this. Suddenly we are blocked again. Shock horror.

Now I know my ex and I know he has his wifes login details for all websites so thought I would check his profile and his wifes, maybe even message her…. Oh wait I’m blocked from both. Now if JosieRedhead is not my ex then why had he suddenly blocked me on his and his wifes account?
Checked the same on R’s account. Again he is blocked but he has never spoken to either my ex or his wife before so why is R blocked? That’s right, this woman we talked to was my ex.

Now he has spent the past week trying to split me and R up and I want him to pay.

I’ve done a bit of snooping and found out his and his wifes address in America, I’ve also learned that his visa is not yet complete even though they’re married so it can be revoked. I figure his wife doesn’t know what he’s been doing since one of her statuses was complaining he wouldn’t come to bed, this was at the exact same time he was messaging me and R as Josie.

Should I be evil and publish his name and address or not? I was thinking of writing to his wife but he can’t work yet so would see the post and being from the UK would know and make sure she didn’t receive it.

Now I have nothing against his wife. She has messaged me in the past apologising, and then had to do it under a false account because he gets on her profiles (which I then went on to tell the ex whilst he was this female character, I knew it would cause friction). I really truly feel sorry for his wife not knowing what a psychopath she has married.

Oh well it will end soon when his visa comes through as he only married her so he could live in the USA. Maybe he won’t get his cisa, not if I have my way. I will destroy him and his marriage for what he’s done.

In case any of you are wondering, his name is Joseph Shield but goes by Joe and he is a psychopathic stalker. One year on, even after he got married is he still trying to mess with my life. In case you meet him in person he is a Brit living in Rome, Georgia (USA).

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WGW April 2012

So it's almost that time of year again where Goths from all over the UK, and even some from abroad make their way up to North Yorkshire to the small seaside town of Whitby for the Bi-Annual event called Whitby Goth Weekend.

This year the dates are 26-30th April 2012. Yes I know, it is more than a two day event but not everyone can make it during the week so the weekend is the most active.

I, myself have only been to one WGW but I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I didn't have the full experience. Unfortunately I didn't manage to spend the whole weekend there, instead we drove there on the Saturday, came back same day and did the same again on the Sunday.

This April may be the same for me, if I can make it at all. Due to work I may not be able to attend, and to be honest if I could attend only one of the two WGW's I would much rather go to the one over Halloween.
In case you don't know, the WGW is an excuse for the Goths to go shopping, get dressed up, go drinking, meet with friends and make new friends, listen to some live bands and generally have fun. Something different is always one. On the Sunday morning every WGW is Goth Football. A brilliant event in which a football team of Goths go up against the local newspaper for a match to raise money for charity.

I know, amazing isn't it? Goths aren't selfish and do support charity. Who knew?

As well as raffles they also auction off various items.

There are a lot of great views at Whitby too, walking up to the Abbey is a lovely walk, and the view from the top is astounding, it is truly breathtaking.

Admission to the Abbey is expensive but well worth it (or so I'm told). If you don't want to pay into the Abbey then the church at the top of the stairs is always worth a look. During the weekend you usually get quite a lot of photographers and Goths who love posing, some on graves others not. In 2011 the Church asked for people not to pose on gravestones but unfortunately this didn't stop people.

All around Whitby over the weekend you can see Goths getting their pictures taken by 'togs' as they call photographers. You don't just get the traditional Goth attending, you get Cyber Goths, Steampunk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly etc.

If you ever get a chance to attend it is highly recommended. Not only is it a great little Gothic town where Bram Stoker wrote parts of Dracula but it is a traditional town that has some lovely historic sights. 

Just remember though, take good walking shoes as it is very hilly.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

What a rip off!

I've been looking at Regretsy tonight and looking at the different things they have on there that they have found for sale on Etsy. I do wonder why some people try to sell their things, but then again it is all hand made and every person has different taste. Some of it though is just plain awful. Whatever my feelings on how bad some of the stuff is this isn't why I'm writing.

Also on the same website is a section for items found on Etsy that are 'hand made' but are clearly not hand made.

For those who are not familiar with Etsy the website is for selling HAND MADE and VINTAGE items. I do not understand why people put items on there that are obviously not hand made. Why do they try to manipulate people into thinking it is?

One of the most obvious items is the Peter Pan DVD I've seen. How on earth can someone hand make Peter Pan, such a classic Disney film? Have they sat there day after day, for weeks on end drawing each frame, colouring it in, sticking it together and finishing the process to make the DVD themselves? Somehow I doubt it.

Other items are hand made, just not hand made by the seller, they have ripped it off from someone else. These people then have the cheek to up the price, sometimes even doubling the price and making a huge profit.

I sell my jewellery on Etsy all the time, or at least I try. I do admit to using big fancy components sometimes, as a lot of people do but I do make the jewellery from scratch. I sit and look at the beads I have, I look at everything I have and sit for ages trying to think about what designs I could make.
If the design doesn't work then I take it a part and start again from scratch.

I hate it when people try to pass off things as hand made when it's not, and I hate the fact people believe it to be hand made so then the genuine hand made items don't look anywhere near as good. It makes me so mad.

Friday, 24 February 2012

End of an Era

An era is defined as:
  1. A long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.
  2. A system of chronology dating from a particular noteworthy event.
I finished work today for the last time and to me this is the end of an era. Over the past 37 months I have gotten to know some wonderful people; I have also gotten to know some people who I would rather not have met. To me leaving work today for the last and final time is the end of an era.

I, along with a few others are moving on to other things, hopefully bigger and better but who knows. The many people I have worked with over the years I have to say I will miss greatly. They are like family. We spend more time together than we do with out families and have over time all taken roles to fit a family life; even if these roles are not the same with every person.

I have been the youngest in the company since I started and to a few people have taken on a daughter type role, in other words even though I don't act like a daughter they are as protective over me as parents, which I have to say has been annoying sometimes.
I've had arguments with almost everyone there, and with 2 people in particular, but as I see it all families have arguments, we can't all get along all of the time.

Even though we have had our disagreements I have the utmost respect for these people and I always will. They have been brilliant colleagues and fantastic friends. These people are irreplaceable.

This afternoon was great, we all went to the pub and have spent the afternoon drinking and having a laugh with each other. All differences have been put aside and we have just gone and enjoyed ourselves. I was the first to leave the pub as I needed to be home and finish packing for my move tomorrow but I really didn't want to leave the pub. I wanted to spend as much time with my colleagues as possible; maybe thinking that if the day didn't end then the fact I may never see them again wasn't real. Unfortunately I think it has really only just hit me that it is real, and I won't see most of these people again. Some of them I have as friends on Facebook, others I don't but I will be trying to stay in touch with everyone.

I know I'm not the most popular person, and I have a strange personality but I do hope that these people stay in touch and we do stay friends. I am like marmite, people either love me or hate me, unfortunately most people seem to hate me, but I'm not changing my personality for others.

Anyway, back to the point. I will miss everyone dearly and I do hope they all find something they enjoy soon. 

Thank you Liz, John, Mike, Sally, Jane, Shauna, Kim, Lee, Robin, Vicky, Steve B, Steve K, Roy, Dannii, Martin and everyone else for putting up with me all of this time.
This really is the end of an era for me.