Saturday, 3 March 2012

What a rip off!

I've been looking at Regretsy tonight and looking at the different things they have on there that they have found for sale on Etsy. I do wonder why some people try to sell their things, but then again it is all hand made and every person has different taste. Some of it though is just plain awful. Whatever my feelings on how bad some of the stuff is this isn't why I'm writing.

Also on the same website is a section for items found on Etsy that are 'hand made' but are clearly not hand made.

For those who are not familiar with Etsy the website is for selling HAND MADE and VINTAGE items. I do not understand why people put items on there that are obviously not hand made. Why do they try to manipulate people into thinking it is?

One of the most obvious items is the Peter Pan DVD I've seen. How on earth can someone hand make Peter Pan, such a classic Disney film? Have they sat there day after day, for weeks on end drawing each frame, colouring it in, sticking it together and finishing the process to make the DVD themselves? Somehow I doubt it.

Other items are hand made, just not hand made by the seller, they have ripped it off from someone else. These people then have the cheek to up the price, sometimes even doubling the price and making a huge profit.

I sell my jewellery on Etsy all the time, or at least I try. I do admit to using big fancy components sometimes, as a lot of people do but I do make the jewellery from scratch. I sit and look at the beads I have, I look at everything I have and sit for ages trying to think about what designs I could make.
If the design doesn't work then I take it a part and start again from scratch.

I hate it when people try to pass off things as hand made when it's not, and I hate the fact people believe it to be hand made so then the genuine hand made items don't look anywhere near as good. It makes me so mad.

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