Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WGW April 2012

So it's almost that time of year again where Goths from all over the UK, and even some from abroad make their way up to North Yorkshire to the small seaside town of Whitby for the Bi-Annual event called Whitby Goth Weekend.

This year the dates are 26-30th April 2012. Yes I know, it is more than a two day event but not everyone can make it during the week so the weekend is the most active.

I, myself have only been to one WGW but I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I didn't have the full experience. Unfortunately I didn't manage to spend the whole weekend there, instead we drove there on the Saturday, came back same day and did the same again on the Sunday.

This April may be the same for me, if I can make it at all. Due to work I may not be able to attend, and to be honest if I could attend only one of the two WGW's I would much rather go to the one over Halloween.
In case you don't know, the WGW is an excuse for the Goths to go shopping, get dressed up, go drinking, meet with friends and make new friends, listen to some live bands and generally have fun. Something different is always one. On the Sunday morning every WGW is Goth Football. A brilliant event in which a football team of Goths go up against the local newspaper for a match to raise money for charity.

I know, amazing isn't it? Goths aren't selfish and do support charity. Who knew?

As well as raffles they also auction off various items.

There are a lot of great views at Whitby too, walking up to the Abbey is a lovely walk, and the view from the top is astounding, it is truly breathtaking.

Admission to the Abbey is expensive but well worth it (or so I'm told). If you don't want to pay into the Abbey then the church at the top of the stairs is always worth a look. During the weekend you usually get quite a lot of photographers and Goths who love posing, some on graves others not. In 2011 the Church asked for people not to pose on gravestones but unfortunately this didn't stop people.

All around Whitby over the weekend you can see Goths getting their pictures taken by 'togs' as they call photographers. You don't just get the traditional Goth attending, you get Cyber Goths, Steampunk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly etc.

If you ever get a chance to attend it is highly recommended. Not only is it a great little Gothic town where Bram Stoker wrote parts of Dracula but it is a traditional town that has some lovely historic sights. 

Just remember though, take good walking shoes as it is very hilly.

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