Friday, 24 February 2012

End of an Era

An era is defined as:
  1. A long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.
  2. A system of chronology dating from a particular noteworthy event.
I finished work today for the last time and to me this is the end of an era. Over the past 37 months I have gotten to know some wonderful people; I have also gotten to know some people who I would rather not have met. To me leaving work today for the last and final time is the end of an era.

I, along with a few others are moving on to other things, hopefully bigger and better but who knows. The many people I have worked with over the years I have to say I will miss greatly. They are like family. We spend more time together than we do with out families and have over time all taken roles to fit a family life; even if these roles are not the same with every person.

I have been the youngest in the company since I started and to a few people have taken on a daughter type role, in other words even though I don't act like a daughter they are as protective over me as parents, which I have to say has been annoying sometimes.
I've had arguments with almost everyone there, and with 2 people in particular, but as I see it all families have arguments, we can't all get along all of the time.

Even though we have had our disagreements I have the utmost respect for these people and I always will. They have been brilliant colleagues and fantastic friends. These people are irreplaceable.

This afternoon was great, we all went to the pub and have spent the afternoon drinking and having a laugh with each other. All differences have been put aside and we have just gone and enjoyed ourselves. I was the first to leave the pub as I needed to be home and finish packing for my move tomorrow but I really didn't want to leave the pub. I wanted to spend as much time with my colleagues as possible; maybe thinking that if the day didn't end then the fact I may never see them again wasn't real. Unfortunately I think it has really only just hit me that it is real, and I won't see most of these people again. Some of them I have as friends on Facebook, others I don't but I will be trying to stay in touch with everyone.

I know I'm not the most popular person, and I have a strange personality but I do hope that these people stay in touch and we do stay friends. I am like marmite, people either love me or hate me, unfortunately most people seem to hate me, but I'm not changing my personality for others.

Anyway, back to the point. I will miss everyone dearly and I do hope they all find something they enjoy soon. 

Thank you Liz, John, Mike, Sally, Jane, Shauna, Kim, Lee, Robin, Vicky, Steve B, Steve K, Roy, Dannii, Martin and everyone else for putting up with me all of this time.
This really is the end of an era for me.

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