Monday, 13 February 2012

Working Full Time for FREE!!!

'Hull has more volunteers, but are unpaid workers replacing staff?'

This is the title of the article I've been reading on my local news website. Basically the jist of it is in comparison to 2010 the amount of volunteers in Hull has risen by 45% which is pretty good.
I made a comment on this article.

'Well I have been on the JobCentre website a lot lately, looking for a job anywhere and I noticed quite a few vacancies in the North East that were 37 Hours a Week an unpaid. This was shop work, engineering.... anything you wanted. That to me is not volunteer work, that is manipulative and wrong when people out there need money and need to work.
It's good that more people are volunteering but the 'jobs' I've seen is not volunteering, it's slave labour.'

I personally feel this is justified.

Response from a certain person was this.

'If you are capable of work, have no disability that can stop you from working and have never worked (and therefore not paid any National Insurance or Tax) and receive Benefits then from your point of view you are effectively receiving free money.

If there is no work an area it is apparent that it has become acceptable to be subsidised by those that "are lucky enough to have a job". Those that have a job often do not get "free"money; they have to work to earn it.
Is it is unfair that someone in receipt of "free" money should not be expected to earn that money and at the same time be gaining work experience?
The whole "slave labour" argument is nonsense - unless you really believe that you should receive something for doing nothing.

The Benefits system is a TEMPORARY support net, not a long-term solution or a lifestyle choice, it was never designed that way.'

Is this person a complete moron, where did I say that people were getting money for nothing? See below my response to this idiot.

'what the hell are you on about?

My point was the jobs are 37 hours a week for free, so in other words people doing them still get to claim Dole. If these were paid jobs then people wouldn't be claiming dole and doing the jobs. Use your head!
37 hour a week work is not fair for people who are trying to look for an actual paid job.

I myself have only ever been out of work for one month, yes one month, in my entire working life and I have never claimed a penny from the government. I do not get any benefits whatsoever and don't intend to start either.
Like I said volunteering is a good idea for work experience but since when did that equate to doing a full time job for free when people who want to work, and need to work can't get a paid job because companies are taking advantage of the volunteers.
I got my experience doing an apprenticeship, I earned £80 a week for a year and look at me now, I work full time and have the experience.'

Now like I said, I think voluntary work is a great idea in many respects. The volunteer gets to learn something for work experience and it also helps the company as they are saving some money on some extra staff.

I don't think I am the only one who believes 37 hours for a voluntary job is unreasonable. How on earth can people look for a full time, or even part time paid job if they are working every day? Is it fair that they are working 37 hours a week for £65 dole a week on a voluntary job when someone who works full time in the same job but paid can be earning £250+ a week?

I don't think this is fair. To me a voluntary job is a few hours here and there, to help the shop and to help yourself.

If these jobs that I have seen were made into paid jobs rather than voluntary then this would put unemployment levels down, which means less money for the Government to pay out on people who are out of work.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks 37 hours for voluntary work is unreasonable?

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