Friday, 10 February 2012

Facing up to the truth

Stuart Gilson, someone I have never met but lives in the same city as me is missing. He has been missing now for 13 days and his family are worried sick about him, and so are his friends. There is a community on Facebook that has been set up for support for his family, for people to give any information they have and to help to look for Stuart.
He is only my age and from what I have read he is a nice person.
We have all be holding out hope for his safe return but after 13 days missing and in the recent weather conditions I am now facing up to the fact that if he is found then he probably won't be alive. I know it is hard to swallow and not a very nice thing to say, especially if his family read this, so to you I am deeply sorry; but recently the night time temperature has been down to -7 degrees celcius, and the day time temperature hasn't really been much better.
We have had snow on the ground for almost a week now, and recently a man was found dead in a park having frozen to death.
It is horrible that Stuart has gone missing, and everyone hopes he turns up safe but the likelihood after a week the chance is very slim.
According to his family it is not like him to disappear and not tell them where he is going. Not to mention that he left his phone, his passport etc. He needed his passport as he was going away on Sunday of last week.
If anyone sees or hears anything in the Kingston upon Hull area, or even further afield please let me know and I can get in touch with his family. Or dial 101 and contact the police, let them know.

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