Saturday, 4 February 2012

Which blog to use

I am not always in to write on a regular basis so I’ve started blogging on the go. Since the start of the year I’ve used Blogger for my writing but recently started using WordPress.

So far I much prefer WordPress over Blogger, for a start I have the android app for WordPress so I am able to blog on the go. The android app for Blogger is infected with a virus, even getting it through the android marketplace after having it for 8-10 hours I get messages up on my phone saying I need to upgrade the battery…. after googling this I found out that an app I have is infected. So I’ve now removed the app and now the message stops coming up.

So I do like Blogger, I have followers, to be honest not a lot of followers but think I will keep the account for the blogs I follow, so I can read them on the go. I do like having WordPress and think this will become my proper blog; either that or seeing as different people use both I will keep running both of them simultaneously and maybe post the same thing on both.
What do you think I should do?

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