Friday, 3 February 2012

My new love

I got in tonight, as I'm staying with my other half for the weekend and there it was waiting for me. The corset I've been wanting for so long yet have never been able to afford.

Black pvc, steel bones, 12 pair of eyelets, 6 glistening gold buckles, gorgeous silver zipped front. It is my dream corset.

I ripped open the packaging, took it out, smelt every detail of it. The smell of pvc is gorgeous.

The next hour I spent lacing it. Stripped my top half off and proceeded to put it on.

My OH helped lace me into it properly; pulling it tighter and tighter so I could barely breathe.

I am so in love with it. I am going out tomorrow night now just as an excuse to wear it and show off. It is the nicest thing anyone has ever bought me.

20 inch corset and I love it.

Thank you Rob for getting me the most wonderful gift.

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