Friday, 20 January 2012

Things possibly on the up

Well I've had no luck on the job front, we still don't know the exact date we get made redundant as they keep pushing it back further and further but there is a plus side. I got home from work today, put the shopping away that I got on the way home, put the boxes to the side ready for packing tomorrow and I've sat on the sofa feeling very chilled and relaxed.

We left work early today as they said it had been a very tough week for all of us, with the new company being in the office and us being interviewed by them. That was the most nerve racking thing ever, but they are back next Thursday. I don't expect to be told then either but it is buying us more time, therefore more money; on the downside we're nervous all the time and the waiting is killing me.

I got home to a letter from the landlord, which I find is never good but it was just to advise that the lock had been changed on the back door.
I also received my water bill. It's not the lowest it's ever been but it is a lot lower than I was expecting, so it gives me an extra few pennies to spend this month.... or should I say save.

I have paid that and decided that I deserve a treat. Rather than alcohol as usual I've gone for a tub of ice cream. A girl cannot go wrong with ice cream.

I hope things are on the up from now on. I hope that I get one of the many many jobs I have applied for and I hope I get one soon.

Fingers crossed I win the euro-millions tonight, or at least enough to get me by for a while. Hopefully my good luck teddy the my OH got me will bring me some luck.

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