Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I actually hate the human race

I have had a bad enough year as it is without people screwing me around.

With the lack of job and needing to move I'm having to sell a lot of stuff, like my sofa, bed, tv etc. I've had everything up on gumtree, stuff4sale and even ebay but nothing.

I've had someone today call me and wanting my sofa, I even put the price down for a quick sale. They said it was a definite and to take it off the websites. I did as they asked seeing as I was selling it. Getting home I tidied a bit and sorted it out so that I could move the sofa out. Turning to 7pm they text, no longer interested in the sofa.

Now I've had to put it back up online for sale.

This was just the cherry on top of the horrible day I've had. At work we got an email message from the company who took over. The message lied, and yet again they have pushed the date further back. We all know we are losing our jobs as they are closing the office yet they won't get on with things and actually give us our redundancy dates. The tenancy on the building runs out in less than a month, some peoples notice periods are 12 weeks, of course they won't be able to work them but they will have to be paid for them.

I need to give notice of my flat in by the 31st January so I do hope they give us notice before then so I can hand the notice in.

I've got so much to do in preparation for moving. I haven't even got any boxes for packing yet. One of  the girls at work said she will give me some but I need them yesterday, I want to get everything I'm keeping packed so then I know what I'm getting rid of.

Looks like a lot of things will be going to charity shop very soon.... I will miss all of my teddies, some I've had since I was a kid and now they've having to go.

Oh well enough ranting and raving, I had better get on with the job hunt, as well as getting showered and finding something to eat.

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