Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New Start.... I think not!

Well today has been the first day back at work after a lovely Christmas break consisting of 10 days of fun and relaxation.

What can I say about the first day back at work; well I haven’t been motivated in the slightest. I thought time off would help me, that somehow I would have the energy to work again, well guess what, it didn’t work.
All I have wanted to do all day is go home, curl up on the sofa and watch tv. So guess what I’m doing tonight then.

The day didn’t start off too well, that may explain a few things. The weather throughout the UK is horrendous today and I got caught in the thick of it walking from the train station to work. My umbrella was ‘killed’ so to speak. Turned inside out a few times and then the arms snapped. Has nobody else thought of creating an umbrella or umbrella type of device that is wind resistant? My hair was soaked, my clothes sopping wet through, my feet were squelching and are still every so slightly moist and worst of all my laptop was in my bag; my bag that was not waterproof in the slightest. I have been hanging on to the bag, hoping that my body would shield the rain and stop it seeping through and murdering my computer.

Seeing as I’m writing this at work I haven’t yet turned on the laptop but I did open up the bag this morning and the computer seemed dry, and my phone charger worked so I’m assuming the laptop is too.

Well I can confirm the laptop works. That is the only highlight of my day. I have spent months and months on calibration, a job which the technical department are meant to do, but because they are useless I have to do it. Because of them I am having to sort out a screwed up system.
I thought my director was going to have a go at me today, he seemed in such a mood when he came to speak to me; I have to sort it out 'yesterday'.

I decided that I wanted this year to be different, and in the long run I think it will be. Hopefully within the next 349 days I will have a new job, in a new city and I will be closer to the man I love.

Food shop is going to be here soon and I can't wait. I haven't bought food since November so this will be another highlight to my day.

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