Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Everything goes Wrong!!!

I got home from work last night, the first time I'd been inside my flat since teh 23rd December. I knew I needed to do a food shop so ordered one to be delivered.

Everything was going great; my flat was warm and my food was coming.

My food shopping arrived at the start of my delivery slot meaning I would be able to put all the shopping away and be able to cook something nice for my tea at a reasonable time. This didn't quite go to plan.

I opened the freezer to put the frozen food away first and there was a horrendous smell, looking at the food in the freezer it had all gone off. The fridge was exactly the same, but not only was there a horrible smell it was also full of mould.

I have never felt so ill in my life, not only the smell making me sick but the fact I had spent every spare penny this month on food which was now going off.

The only thing I could think of doing was to call the 24 hour emeregency engineer. I tried over and over again and every time I called the number all I could hear on the phone was 'this number is not recognised'. My heart sunk into the pit of my stomach by this point.

I was in such a panic, I didn't know what to do.

It was then I thought of changing the fuse, see if that worked. It did. Though I did manage to electrocute myself in the process; just a small shock but it hurt nonetheless and I couldn't feel my hand for a good 20 minutes.
Then mopping up the inches of water that had accumulated in the freezer I shut the door, leaving nothing in there hoping it would cool down enough to be able to put my food in.

By 11pm the freezer was still too warm, it didn't feel like it had cooled down at all but I had no option, I had to put the food in.

I checked again this morning as soon as I awoke, no difference, everything is defrosted.

What a brilliant start to the New Year I've had. Lets hope the rest of the year gets better from here.

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