Monday, 9 January 2012

When do you need to grow up?

I'm 21 years of age and I still love watching kids shows. I have the sky package and love watching Disney Channel but am I too old to still enjoy these shows?

I think after working every day, trying to make ends meat everyone needs to relax, and my way to relax is kids shows. After all when I watch them I don't need to think or concentrate on anything. When I've had a bad day and need cheering up there is nothing better than watching a Disney show or film. High School Musical for instance whilst definitely aimed at teenage girls is a great way to make you smile. If I have a bad day and want something to make me laugh or smile I put this on, it is corny and very cheesy but the upbeat tones of the music and the fact that it has a happy ending would make most people smile.... or cringe because it is tacky.

I am not even the oldest person I know who watches these. My friend is in her 40's now and she loves Disney, in fact she uses the excuse of having a 12 year old girl to take her to live shows.

So I'm of an age now where I shouldn't be watching kids shows but still love them, is it time for me to grow up and stop watching these or should I continue to watch these for as long as they still make me smile?

The only thing I don't like about the Disney Channel is they are still showing episodes of shows such as That's So Raven that I have seen a million times over and they originally aired when I was in my early teens. Don't get me wrong, they do show new programmes and new episodes of series but the old ones should be replaced, I'm not so sure that they make me smile any more. Could it have something to do with the fact I know what is going to happen in that episode, or am I just outgrowing the shows?

Either way I don't think anyone should be in a rush to grow up, no matter how old you are. Men for instance are gamers, or at least a lot of them are, and to me games are something children play. So if my boyfriend can enjoy playing Skyrim and temporarily making me a Skyrim widow then surely I can still have that bit of a child in me that enjoys Disney shows.

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  1. lol I love watching cartoons like Spongebob etc. it's still fun to act like a kid even though I'm an adult haha